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Athlete: Tess

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Athlete: Tess

“Between the ages of 14-19 I had trouble with drug abuse. One day a good friend took me to the gym because I was unhappy with my appearance (I was very skinny). I started going to the gym strictly for aesthetic purposes, I stopped doing drugs, smoking cigarettes, and drinking alcohol to lead a healthier life style, but I began to substitute that with dieting hard because my original goal was to be a bikini competitor. After dieting and over exercising under a bad coach I stopped, began to reverse diet and brought my metabolism and health back to normal.

I began to realize that I enjoyed powerlifting more than being in a bodybuilding competition.
I realized I was more of an athlete and loved the feeling I got from lifting, and I was able to eat the things I love to fuel my body, while loving the actual sport.

My goals with working with KFKF are to show people, especially people who have just found fitness, that athletes come in all different shapes and sizes. There is a stereotype that thin is healthy, and all athletes are built like aesthetic beings, but that is not true. I have met some amazing athletes that come in all varieties, some are thin and some are bigger. What they have in common is the hard work they put in towards their goals. Size doesn't mean anything, strong is just strong.

My name is Tess and my life goal is to be #udonstrong and I am a KFKF Athlete.” - Tess, KFKF Athlete