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Kinda Fit Kinda Fat

"Brotein Dean" Tanglao

CEO/Founder of Kinda Fit Kinda Fat

"I was a “fat" kid growing up. In high school, I had a body fat percentage nearing 50%. It wasn’t until college that I began to take fitness more seriously. In spite of my initial motivation, however, I would only go to the gym maybe 2x a week at most mainly due to fear and simply not knowing how to achieve my goals.

I eventually moved on to become a physical therapist. I met a number of wise people ranging from personal trainers and chiropractors to your every day office worker who enjoyed fitness. I became obsessed. I meal prepped religiously, went to the gym >6x a week, and took whatever supplements that promised me beautiful gainz. And it worked. I put in the time and the dedication and was FINALLY able to see my abs for the first time in my life.

Even after achieving these goals, I wasn’t happy. I frequently said no to my friends who wanted to eat the latest food they saw on Facebook or Instagram. I sat quietly drinking my no sugar green tea while my friends enjoyed boba drinks from the latest bubble tea joint. My body was “fit,” but my heart yearned to be “fat.”

Needless to say, that lifestyle didn't last long. I kept my gym routine and ate out more regularly. My abs slowly faded but my strength remained in tact. Was I sad to say goodbye to my abs? Of course. But I was able to find a way to live my life in the moderation that was enjoyable for me.

I started this brand to remind people, including myself, that it is ok to not have the “perfect” body. You don’t have to beat yourself up for grabbing some ice cream or pizza with your friends after you hit the gym. Am I supporting complacency? No. I believe that we should ALWAYS pursue to better ourselves, whether that be fitness or other aspects of life. KFKF is a reminder that no one is perfect. Hit those PRs, make them gainz, and eat that pizza.

My name is Dean and I enjoy benching and occasional midnight food runs and I am a KFKF athlete.” 

-Dr. Dean, PT, DPT, CEO/Founder of KFKF Apparel

Meet Our Team

Meet our collective of people driven by their individual passions and the movement of our message.

Meena Nang
Chief Design Officer

Athlete and Ambassador Program Director


Chad Chan
Chief Creative Officer


Jonathan Balan
Chief Operations Officer


Alex McGarry

Director of Business Development


Lindsey Bowen

Director of Media


Monica Pen

Bakery CEO


Brendon Bayaca

Chief Producer


Bryan Yamzon

Customer Service Manager


SJ Santiago

Director of Events


Chris Ngo

Warehouse Operations Manager


Gian Milanes

Lead Graphic Designer


Aaron Rodriguez

Graphic Designer


Professional Athletes

Eddie Joe Williams

Professional Strongman

2 x Australia's Strongest Man

The Singing Strongman

Mateusz Kieliszkowski

Professional Strongman

Poland's Strongest Man

Tom Stoltman

Professional Strongman

Atlas Stone World Record Holder

Sherry Jenix

Pro Street Fighter Player

CEO of "E-Fight Pass"

Haley Randall

8th World's Strongest Woman

World Record Axle Deadlift Holder

Rathyna Gomer

ProAm Drifter

CEO of "The Drift League"

Nili Latu

Professional Rugby Player

Taqele Naiyaravo

Professional Rugby Player

Siale Piutau

Professional Rugby Player

KFKF Sponsored Athletes

Tess Apinchapong
Powerlifting Athlete

Jayden Juico
Powerlifting Athlete

Gloria Luong

Powerlifting Athlete

Thomas Jackson "TJ"
Powerlifting Athlete

Jennessa Labbate
Powerlifting Athlete

Sarah Wilson
Powerlifting Athlete

Jose Baez
ProAm Strongman

Jessica Doan
Powerlifting Athlete

Daryl Priyono
ProAm Drifter

Elvira  Villasenor
Strongwoman Athlete

Samantha Manassero
Powerlifting Athlete

Sarah Strong

Powerlifting Athlete

Gabriele Burgholzer
Strongwoman Athlete

Sarah Reasoner

Strongwoman Athlete

Erin Palma

Powerlifting Athlete

Neamitupou Tuifua

Rugby Athlete

Kinda Fit Kinda Fat Community

Check out the KFKF community of businesses that we work closely with.

Milk + T

LA base self serve boba company

Rose City Pizza

Locate Pizzeria

Home of the Elote pizza pie 

C3 Productions

Film and Cinematography Production Company 

FUN Artists

Screen-printing and design company 

99 Barbell

Powerlifting Gym

Keeping the team in shape

Casey's Barbershop

All American Barbershop

Keeping the team fresh

Bunjour Bakery

Small Custom Macaron Shop

Located in Laguna Hills

Kreative Tastings

Creative Treats Company

Schedule for your next event

The Drift League

FormulaDRIFT sanctioned ProAm Drift League

E-Fight Pass

International program aiding video game competitors

The Billy Studio

DTLA Multi-Set Creative Studio

Knine Coffee and Strength

Coffee Company looking to provide healthy caffeine