Muy Thai: Ambassador Alex Ramirez

Muay Thai Ambassador: 

Alex Ramirez

Muay Thai Fighter

"Originally I began with powerlifting and had been competing for 3 great years, but always felt something was missing. It wasn’t until I did some self-reflection that brought me to the conclusion that, what I was missing inside myself was a huge lack of confidence. I was heavily bullied in high school and even in middle school. This caused a lacked the self-confidence within me, it became difficult to walk with my head high, not scared of anything that came my way. Although lifting heavy weights was great, the issue I kept facing was just the self-defense aspect of my life. I had no knowledge of what I can do in the event that someone would try to hurt me. I was always told that once you get in a fight, you’ll be fine. That your adrenaline will kick in and you’ll know what to do. There were multiple times where I was in an altercation that almost turned violent and something did kick in. Unfortunately, it wasn’t ever the adrenaline, it was fear instead. It wasn’t until I had my first taste of Muay Thai that things started getting interesting for me, in an oddly painful yet satisfying way. So, I decided to withdraw myself from powerlifting and began training Muay Thai. I found a new fire within me! A new passion to learn something completely new that would not only create a new me but help me to regain the confidence I had been searching for for so long. I’m loving every painful but rewarding moment of it!

Muay Thai means security for me; in the sense that I don’t have to be afraid anymore. I don’t have to look over my shoulder being worried or scared that someone’s going to hurt me. Most importantly it means my confidence will be back and stronger than ever. 

The Kinda Fit Kinda Fat message relates to me in a unique way. Before meeting the KFKF tribe I was so self-conscious about myself. I always compared myself to everyone on social media, never feeling good enough because I didn’t look a certain way yet. It wasn’t until I met the team that I felt so welcome and didn’t have to worry about the judgment of any kind. Seeing how happy everyone was but still striving for more motivated me to do the same. Not just to grow physically, but mentally with whatever I set my mind to.  

Hi my name is Alex. I can one throw a kick at head level while holding a glazed donut in my mouth and I'm Kinda Fit Kinda Fat."

- Alex KFKF ambassador, Amateur photographer, and Muay Thai student.

Alex Ramirez

Muay Thai Ambassador


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