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Powerlifting Ambassador: Mikey

Posted by Kinda Fit Kinda Fat on

"My fitness journey has been quite interesting. Growing up I mentally struggled with my physique because I was skinny and short. No matter how much I ate, even with my love for fast food, I had a hard time gaining weight. Looking back at my childhood, I would compare myself to others. I thought to myself.."I wish I was taller so I can be better at this sport" or "I wish I didn't look so skinny compared to my friends". Because of my size and weight I felt like I had to prove to others, so I always dreamed big with big goals.
I started playing sports from a young age. I played basketball and golf competitively but it wasn’t until about 3 years ago that I first stepped foot into a gym. My intentions were to gain some strength to become a better athlete since I was still playing basketball. I quickly learned about powerlifting just by consistently watching others  and doing my own research through social media.
In 2017, I started to take powerlifting more seriously which lead me to compete in my first meet. After that I wanted more and signed up for a second meet. During that meet prep, I was in a car accident where I was hospitalized and was placed in ICU with a broken femur. Although the doctors told me I would be able to recover from my injury, I was devastated because that meant I would have to take some time away from the gym, drop out of the meet, and I would lose the strength that I had built. It was the visits from my friends and family that were the best part of my days while I was in the hospital because they would always bring me food. While there were people who doubted that I wouldn't fully recover, I was determined  and my goal was to get back on the platform. By the end of 2017, I was able to squat, bench, and deadlift without any pain. Even though my recovery process was difficult, mentally and physically challenging, it made me a stronger person. In the summer of 2018, I stepped back on the platform for the first time since my injury. 
While my journey has been tough, I wouldn't change it for the world. It's crazy to think how much powerlifting has impacted my life; making me mentally and physically stronger. Through powerlifting, I have met people who are now some of my closest friends. Powerlifting has also made my appetite for food skyrocket. Even though I am still setting goals in and out of the gym I am happy with my fitness journey and always blessed to be eating all the foods. I'm so thankful to be representing Kinda Fit Kinda Fat , I love the message that they spread and for their unconditional love to others.
My name is Michael but you can call me Mikey and I’m a competitive powerlifter and I’m always down for sushi or tacos and I’m Kinda Fit Kinda Fat." - Mikey