Highland Games Athlete: Kyle Lillie

Highland Games Athlete: 

Kyle Lillie

Highland Games

"I started as a track and field thrower in high school. I also competed in track and field throughout college for Arizona State University. For me, the Highland Games started as a way to continue throwing but, it has evolved into a complete passion!

The Highland Games to me is a blend of Scottish culture and athletics. As a thrower with Scottish heritage, I feel that it is a sport that I was meant to do. 

The KFKF message resonates with me because honestly, I’ve always been a big person. My pursuit of athletics has helped me stay in decent shape but my relationship with food has always been my struggle. The Kinda Fit Kinda Fat message helps me push to keep my food relationship positive, yet continue to get better!


My name is Kyle Lillie. I am a professional Highland Games Athlete and Track and Field Coach for Sacramento State University. Pizza is my Kryptonite and I am Kinda Fit Kinda Fat.” - Kyle Lillie, Amateur WR holder in Braemar Stone Put

Kyle Lillie

Highland Games Athlete


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