Powerlifting Ambassador: Christine Musgrove

Powerlifting Ambassador: 

Christine Musgrove


I stumbled upon Powerlifting by way of CrossFit; when I saw a group of thiccc dudes in the corner of my gym who weren’t doing any burpees or running. I was the first woman to join their strength group, and it was love at first squat! I finally felt at home – I had found my people. We supported each other, lifted heavyweights, and took long rests. It was heaven!

Powerlifting led me to join a new gym focused on strength training. I made new friends almost immediately, and the vibe was exactly what I needed to grow stronger, both mentally and physically. I was finally confident enough to wear shorts in public and no one was putting me down for having cellulite (or 31-inch quads.) In fact, they cheered me on! Some even said they wanted to be as strong as I am! I finally feel good about myself, and as a high school teacher, I love spreading the message of confidence to my students.

KFKF’s message – being happy with who I am today but striving to be a better version of myself tomorrow – is how I keep myself going. I often lack motivation and discipline, especially when it comes to health and fitness. KFKF reminds me that it’s okay to just relax and let myself live. The barbell will be there tomorrow, and I can pick it up then. Today I’ll eat a donut and take a nap.  

Kinda Fit Fact: I placed 3rd at USPA Drug Tested Nationals in 2019 (SHW).

Kinda Fat Fact: I will never say no to Ben and Jerry’s & Tonight Dough.

Hi, my name is Christine. I can squat 400 pounds and eat 400 Oreos, and I’m Kinda Fit Kinda Fat. 

– Christine Musgrove, High School Teacher, KFKF Ambassador, Math Nerd, and Queen of Puns

Christine Musgrove

Powerlifting Ambassador


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