Powerlifting Ambassador: Lanisha Adams

Powerlifting Ambassador: 

Lanisha Adams


“Growing up I was always bigger than everyone around me. First it was height. And then it was the weight. I was never comfortable in my own skin, and I was just never really able to hide or blend in a crowd of people. For many years I would try outlandish ways to make myself look skinnier and smaller. I would try to slouch, starve myself, do hours of cardio, take diet pills, and even wore oversized clothes so you couldn't really tell my size. 

In the past year I learned to accept who I am! Powerlifting has helped me so much with this and I can truly say it has saved me. KFKF has also provided so many opportunities to meet many like-minded people who are on the same mission as I am. Now I proudly walk tall with my long legs and my body shape. I eat what I want when I want. My focus now is on getting stronger and teaching the people around me that loving yourself for who you are should be the number one goal! And that being kinda fit and kinda fat is ABSOLUTELY OK! 

My name is Lanisha. Im a SHW (super heavy weight) powerlifter. I fuel my squat day with garlic rice and pork sigsig, and I Am Kinda Fit Kinda Fat.” - Lanisha

Lanisha Adams

Powerlifting Ambassador


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