Powerlifting Athlete: Sarah Wilson

Powerlifting Athlete: 

Sarah Wilson


“I’ve always been somewhat of an athlete. I’m an incredibly competitive person that wanted to try every sport imaginable & that’s pretty much what I did! I tried soccer, basketball, water polo, even sports like ice skating & motocross. Then, I found softball. Softball became my LIFE, it was what I obsessed over & absolutely fell in love with. After playing for about 6 years I was lucky enough to earn a scholarship to go play in college, my dream of playing collegiate softball came true! I was on top of world & so proud of myself for accomplishing such a feat.”

2 years later, it was all over. It was all over for “Sarah, the girl that plays softball right?”. Something I identified with for 8 years was suddenly gone, I felt like I had no purpose. This propelled me into a pretty dark time in my life, where I gained about 20 pounds & didn’t do much of anything physical. I needed some competitive edge in my life & eventually decided to get my ass up & get in the gym again. Weight training has always been protocol for me, but everything got taken to a new level when I was introduced to this thing called “powerlifting” in 2017. “People COMPETE in this? Oh my gosh count me in” was literally my reaction when I first found out about it 😂 & now powerlifting is my new softball!”

Powerlifting has not only introduced me to so many amazing people, but my confidence physically & mentally has absolutely skyrocketed. Like most women, I’ve dealt with my fair share of body image issues. However powerlifting not only lets me live a more active lifestyle, but it gives me tangible & measurable goals. & I get to eat all the good food 😋 which is why KFKF connects with me so deeply. This community of support and confidence throughout all stages of fitness is one I whole heartedly support. I’m more than honored to be representing a company that so many people can resonate with.

My name is Sarah (but you can call me Swilly) I’m a competitive powerlifter and power eater, a professional dog lover, the reigning meme queen, and I am KFKF.” 

- Swilly, KFKF Athlete.

Sarah (Swilly) Wilson

Powerlifting Athlete


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