Rugby Athlete: Neamitupou Tuifua

Rugby Athlete: 

Neamitupou Tuifua

Rugby Player

"I fell in love with Rugby because it kept me away from the streets. I was a bad kid growing up; I grew up with friends that did drugs, got into trouble with the law, etc. My siblings introduced me to the game of rugby and it hit skyrocket from there! I ended up playing rugby and football year-round throughout high school and college. Rugby is my coping mechanism and my safe place. Rugby made me who I am today. It taught me a lot of stuff growing up like discipline, teamwork, unselfishness, respect, etc. Who would have known where I would be if it wasn't for Football or Rugby. 

The KFKF message is straightforward. I relate it to my everyday life! Never let anyone put you down. The only thing that matters is what YOU think about yourself. I always want to be GREAT in everything I do; from working out, to eating a fat delicious exotic burger, because I know I am HAPPY with what I got and what I will accomplish.

Kinda Fit Fact is that I could run 4.7 40 yard dash after squatting 435 pounds (:

Kinda Fat Fact is that I have a habit of eating Oreos. I can never just eat 1 Oreo with milk out of its pack. I would have to eat all of it in one sitting to be satisfied.

Hi my name is Neamitupou Tuifua but most people call me "Numzy or Ami." I enjoy pushing sleds and eating ramen noodles w/eggs, hotdogs with ketchup after every workout and I am proudly a Kinda Fit Kinda Fat Athlete!  (: "

- Ami, Inside center/Outside Center/Wing for the Dead Rabbits, Behavioral Care Assistant, and KFKF Athlete

Neamitupou Tuifua

Rugby Athlete


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