Strongman Ambassador: Ryan Ettner

Strongman Ambassador: 

Ryan Ettner


"I had trained for years in bodybuilding style of training, and I had gotten so bored with my workouts. Then one day for fun, I decided to try the Log Press. Game Changer! I may have butchered the form (or just didn’t have any form at all), but it was the most fun I remember ever having while lifting! I fell in love with the style of training after my first official session with my coach. It's exciting and I look forward to seeing how far I can go!

Being involved in Strongman training means a lot to me, honestly! I think that the community in strength sports is absolutely incredible! It has definitely made me a better person. There’s always a new challenge and a point you want to hit to become a better you. Plus, once you achieve it, just aim for higher and reset.

I had gone from obese to unhealthly thin, and now to where I am today. To me, loving yourself as a person and seeing past the number on the scale or the physical body in the mirror, is a big deal. My hope is that everyone and anyone can love themselves and have the confidence to see the beauty in themselves. Additionally, I believe setting a daily self improvement goal is something to work on. That’s the reason I fell in love with KFKF so much in the first place. The message is what I immediately identified with.

A Kinda Fit Fact about myself is that I have my advanced open water diver certification and will be going for my rescue diver certification the next time I’m able to do my dives and get it. A Fat Fact is that I wear a 5XL wetsuit and almost had to get one custom ordered just so I could go diving.

My name is Ryan. I’d fight a ravenous pack of a thousand honey badgers for a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, and I’m Kinda Fit Kinda Fat.” 

- Ryan, World’s Strongest Baker, Open Water Diver, KFKF Ambassador

Ryan Ettner

Strongman Ambassador


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