Strongman Athlete: Jose Baez

Strongman Athlete: Jose Baez

Professional Amateur  Strongman

“My fitness journey began as an attempt to rehab myself after a nice college football career came to a close. I played on the offensive line, and since I was done playing, I didn’t see the need to stay as big as I was, so I tried everything I could to lose the extra weight I had packed on. It was about 6 months in that I realized that lifting really heavy was a lot more fun than being smaller. Over the next 4 years I did nothing but work on my strength and cardio, which ultimately lead me to find strongman and powerlifting.

I relate to KFKF’s mission because I simply don’t believe in ”perfection” in the fitness industry. I don’t believe rock solid abs define how fit someone really is. To me, what defines how athletic someone is what that person does. An athlete is an athlete no matter what his or her waist size, calorie count and body fat percentages are. Some of the strongest toughest and most capable athletes out there are not what everyone expects. As a strongman competitor I challenge anyone to test their “fitness” against us any time any day. Most of us are very bulky large people that follow outrageous diets, yet we do things most people cant. I’m happy being in the best shape of my life at 350 lbs, and eating whatever fuels my body. 

There are days I eat above the 5000 calorie mark, and when I do I don’t hesitate to brag about it 😁 My goal is just to enjoy what I do as an athlete. I don’t care for looks, or what others say. I’m out here getting it done.

- Jose Baez, KFKF Strongman Athlete, Amateur Pro Strongman

Jose Baez

Amateur Pro Strongman

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