Strongwoman Athlete: Elvira Villsenor

Strongwoman Athlete: 

Elvira Villsenor

Amateur Strongwoman

"Everyone has their own perception of what an athlete should look like. I want to break the norm because I believe an athlete comes in all shapes and sizes. To me, an athlete is a person who is constantly challenging themselves. Being a female athlete that weighs 200+ is something that is easily looked upon as lazy, unhealthy and the complete opposite of what an “athlete” should be and this is the exact stereotype that I am working to break.

As a competitive athlete, my main goals are speed and strength, therefore, I eat and train to perform at my best. Food shouldn’t be feared, but instead should be used as a tool for you to fuel your body in a way that makes your goals achievable. I think a majority of the population is programmed to think that athletes are supposed to eat a certain way, what they don’t know is that a healthy diet with the occasional cookie, isn’t going to kill you. I believe in the KFKF movement because it aims to dismantle and challenge what society defines as athletic and also promotes a balance that is overlooked in the fitness industry. Eat that cookie, lift all the weights, be bold and be happy.

My name is Elvira. I am a heavyweight strongman athlete, cookies fuel my leg days, and I am Kinda Fit Kinda Fat." 

- Elvira, KFKF Strongwoman Athlete

Elvira Villsenor

Amateur Strongwoman


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