Baked with: Death Wish Coffee Co.

Kinda Fit Kinda Fat and Death Wish Coffee aim to disrupt the traditional ways of their industry. Proudly Brewed with Gainz, Kinda Fit Kinda Fat concocted a killer design for Death Wish Coffee to commemorate the two communities with a common mindset. Kinda Fit Kinda Fat promotes a lifestyle dedicated to being bold in your own skin, where you can be and SHOULD be proud, no matter the stage of your fitness journey. Death Wish Coffee is not just a brand of coffee, but fosters a community to make an impact in the industry with excellence, savoring life, and supporting each other.


Death Wish Coffee Co.; Rebels with a cause. Started in 2012, Death Wish Coffee aimed to provide its customers with the “World’s Strongest Coffee”. Beans source only USDA Organic and Fair Trade Certified to support the livelihood of coffee farmers and sustainability for the planet. Death Wish Coffee was featured on “Good Morning America”, first introducing their “World’s Strongest Coffee” to the country and eventually to the world during the Super Bowl, becoming the smallest company to air a commercial during the Super Bowl. Death Wish Coffee believes in fueling people’s passions with a mission to bring boldness through coffee and to fuel their daily grind. Death Wish Coffee aims to provide natural caffeine to fuel any aspect of your day but now with an emphasis for your workouts by increasing performance, accelerate fat loss, and improve focus with their canned ready made coffee.

Kinda Fit Kinda Fat and Death Wish Coffee both strive to provide their communities with high quality products to achieve their goals. Both companies have the determination to do more as a brand; to be more than just brewed coffee or just sell apparel. 

Zack From the KFKF Community:

What is your experience with Death Wish Coffee?

My first experience with Death Wish Coffee was a couple of years ago when I worked for a 911 ambulance service. One of my station mates got me hooked. It was one of the only thing keeping us going during 24-48 hrs shifts on call with barely any sleep. While I left my career as an EMT, Death Wish is still the coffee of choice in our household. 

Death Wish Coffee Co. and Kinda Fit Kinda Fat push to break the status quo while fostering community. How do you resonate with their mission?

With a background as a professional dancer and being in powerlifting currently, I hope to inspire and help as many people find movement as well as happiness within their lives. I hope to contribute good vibes and share positivity to communities that are inclusive, not exclusive.


KFKF x DWC releasing July 30th @0630 PM PST

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