Kitchen Creative Artist Series: Aaron

Kitchen Creative Artist Series: Aaron
"Every time you do it, you get better. You are never too old to grow." - Aaron 
Hi Aaron! Thank you so much for joining our Kitchen Creative Artist series! KFKF started this series to work with other artists and help provide a platform for their art, to share their stories, and to provide inspiration to other aspiring artists. Aaron created this awesome piece "Dr. Crumb vs Ginger Bro: King of the Gainz"
"King of the Gainz" by Aaron Rodriquez
So tell us a bit about yourself! Where were you born? Hobbies? Interests? Did you go to art school? Etc.
Aaron: "I grew up in a small farming town in southern AZ and moved around here and there in my early 20's. I went to school at the Art Institute before dropping out and just hitting the design field hard before meeting my husband and moving to California.  I'm currently a freelance designer living the dream with my husband of one year and our two dogs. 
In terms of hobbies I like to explore different kinds of creative endeavors. Currently I'm exploring the world of drag and bringing to life a persona that mixes my feminine and masculine identity into a rococo wrapped package." 
Property of Aaron Rodriquez
Tell us your origin story into the creative space! How did your interest in art begin? And how did you end up pursuing it further in your career life?
Aaron: "My earliest memory of drawing is sitting on a plastic yellow/red kiddie table drawing mermaids over and over again. I can't really recall the age, but it was always a part of me. I loved animation so much as a kid, and so many people can relate to growing up with these influences. I just took what inspired me and kept drawing it. I wanted to grow beyond that small farming town and knew what I could do was something special. It was special to me. I wanted it to be what I did for the rest of my life.  
Property of Aaron Rodriquez
For a long time it was hard trying to pursue schooling as a poor kid with no real prospects and low grades. I just had to take it in stride and do what I could to be creative in my free time. When I got the chance to finally go to school it was via AI which was not really a reputable school once I had begun classes. I quickly left that program and began applying to jobs in this small town area and was happiest with this awesome Union print shop. It had an incredible emphasis on migrant rights, trans rights, sex workers rights, global issues, etc. It was such an educational environment and set a lot of precedents for me in navigating work culture. 
Property of Aaron Rodriquez
Once me and my husband moved to CA I decided to take up full time freelance. It's wonderful meeting so many incredible people to work with. I've had the honor of working with friends, the queer community, and of course Kinda Fit Kinda Fat!" 
Did you face any notable obstacles?
Aaron: "Freelance isn't easy. You're always on, always working, always going from one thing to the other. While that's true, I also love everything about it. The art, the people, and the bonds that I've made along the way." 
Where do you pull inspiration from?
Aaron: "My interests have always been a mix of Snow White, Marie Antoinette, Video Games, and I think all of it has funneled into being what I do now. This is also a huge inspiration for my drag identity."
Property of Aaron Rodriquez
Are you currently working on any fun personal art projects?
Aaron: "Currently I'm working on my own personal Pokémon region, it's an anachronistic Los Angeles set 70 years ago and a mystery story line with user interaction. After that I have an original idea involving Magical Girls to start exploring!"
Property of Aaron Rodriquez
Any aspirations/goals in the future?
Aaron: "If I get the chance I want to start pitching original game ideas. I think my art takes a lot from games on the Sega Dreamcast so I would love to be a part of a project that is heavy on character designing."
Property of Aaron Rodriquez
Do you have any advice for aspiring creatives/artists?
Aaron: "Start out by studying resources. Get art books from games you like, body guides, how to draw books. Nobody needs to see your initial process, just do what makes you happy even if it's just a hobby. I always recommend for fantastic free video game art resources all in one place. If you are not drawing and it's a creative pursuit, just go for it. Every time you do it, you get better. You are never too old to grow." 

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