Looking Back at KFKF's Tasty Timeline Year 4

"Every purchase, every like and share, every referral, every time you wear the KFKF message -- it all goes a long way. From the bottom of our fit fat hearts, we thank you." - <3 KFKF


"It's hard to believe that Kinda Fit Kinda Fat was born four years ago. It all started in a 50 sq foot bedroom back in July 1, 2017. We printed our first shirts with the brand mark "Kinda Fit Kinda Fat" unsure if we would even sell a single item. Regardless of the uncertainty of it all, we knew that we wanted to share our stories in hopes of reaching out to others who may have felt the same way we did.

Growing up in a digital age saturated with "perfect bodies" and "perfect lives" we found ourselves constantly comparing our to others and developed and unhealthy habit of self loathing and self deprecation. We had developed a poor sense of self worth and we realized that that needed to change. Our mission developed into showing that happiness does not have to wait for you to look a certain way or be at a certain place in your life. Happiness comes with finding pride and joy in your journey today, the ups and the downs; being proud of your progress now. We wanted to start conversation and challenge the stigma of what athleticism looked like, and most importantly, we wanted to create a space where people can learn to love themselves at all stages of their journeys and know that their value is beyond their external appearances. 

To our surprise, the early Kinda Fit Kinda Fat community showed up and sold out the store in less than 15 minutes! We were shocked and we knew that we had to keep going and building. We started creating new releases until we eventually released our first boba line with our now friends Milk+T

With their kindness and support, our friends at Milk+T provided us a space in their warehouse to be able to move out of the tiny bedroom we were operating out of. When Milk+T opened their Little Tokyo location they invited us out to have a pop up, making it our first in person event.

After that event we eventually met the team at United States Powerlifiting Association who invited us to our first fitness event at their California State Championships.

Soon after, the incredible USPA team invited us to be title sponsors for their Drug Tested Nationals event in Las Vegas. For us, it was an opportunity of a lifetime. We're so grateful for the kindness the USPA and the powerlifting community has and continues to show us.

While still operating in our 300 sq foot space with Milk+T, we continued to go to fitexpos and other events, meeting new and incredible people who resonated with the brand and the brand's mission. Long and sleepless nights were filled with hard work and joy as we were able to connect with so many people and share stories with one another creating long lasting friendships to this day.

With our mission and emphasis on community, we also worked to create unique events. We worked with Barbell Brigade first and eventually 626 night market for KFKF's Annual Food Fashion Frenzy show which involved local creatives serving their own fierce lewks along the runway. 

Nearing the end of 2019 we were able to move out of shared space with Milk+T and were able to move into our own 2500 sq foot warehouse.

In 2019 and into 2020, we were so humbled to be able to work with Iron Resurgence where the Strongman community welcomed us with open arms. As we continued to grow we were blessed with the opportunity to work with incredibly kind and inspiring athletes such as Martins Licis, Rob Kearney, Tom Stoltman, Eddie Jo Williams, Sarah Reasoner, Mateusz Kieliszkowski and more. 

We continued to work with organizations such as Giants Live, World Ultimate Strongman, Arnold Pro Strongman, and eventually World's Strongest Man in 2020. 

Along with working with the incredible teams behind these events we continuously aimed to create collaborations with other brands in the industry. With our emphasis on community over competition, a motto that our friends at Milk+T shared with us, we were able to create exciting connections with others as well as fun designs with companies such as Notorious Lift, Milk+T, Rose City Pizza, Lift Evil, Massenomics, Johnny Cupcakes, Pacific Juice and more!

Our journey also led us to other great organizations such as the Fighting Game Community and The Drift League where we were able to host large charity events together.


The journey has brought the team a number of emotions, from joy, to fear, to tears and so much more, but everything has been worth it. We are so humbled by and grateful for the Kinda Fit Kinda Fat Community and we will continue to strive every day to pursue our mission and make the community proud. Every purchase, every like and share, every referral, every time you wear our message -- it all goes a long way. From the bottom of our fit fat hearts, we thank you." - <3 KFKF



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