Our Delicious Time at Foodieland!

We had an absolute blast being first time vendors at one of the biggest food festivals in California, the deliciously packed Foodieland!

 Inspired by authentic multi-cultural street dishes of the famous Night Markets in Asia, Foodieland showcases a variety of fusion dishes, creatively colorful drinks, and bite sized snacks, paying homage to cultures all around the world!


(Photo from https://www.instagram.com/foodielandla/)

We knew there would be some tasty foods there but we underestimated how hungry we would be seeing our community come by with foods from a variety of vendors!

From over the top cheesy wheel pasta, to fluffy filled and perfectly seasoned garlic bread, platters of seafood and grilled oysters, Hawaiian garlic shrimp in pineapple bowls, fusion flavored wings and skewers, shaken noodles, iced treats, huge light bulb baby bottle drinks, and so much more!

(Photo from https://www.instagram.com/foodielandla/)

We also got a chance to walk around and meet some awesome small business vendors selling jewelry, anime plushies, stickers, candles, and clothes.

There was nothing more satisfying than seeing our community proudly walk by with KFKF gear on.. it truly never gets old. And as the night came to an end, we couldn't be more stoked to pop up at future Foodieland events in California.

Shoutout to our generous friends from Asians Never Die, Nok's Lao Kitchen, and Wicked Kitchen to name a few. We met so many amazing people from our loyal community and look forward to see ya'll at future events! Catch you on the next bite!

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