Scrumptious Surprise at SHAW CLASSIC!

In mid pandemic of December 2020, Shaw Classic was born in a small garage gym. What began as a way to give back to the incredible strongman community transformed into one of the biggest competitions in the world.

shaw classic winners

Two years later, this exhilarating competition is back for its 3rd annual show! Open competitors qualified for the competition online and professional competitors received an exclusive invite from 4X World's Strongest Man, Brian Shaw, based on their performances in other events.

This year's Shaw Classic took place at the Budweiser Events Center in Loveland, Colorado. As the crowds packed the seats, many people tuned in via livestream to catch a glance at the mightiest men and women from around the world come together to compete in grueling strongman events including: Max Hummer Tire Deadlift, Super Yoke Carry, Bag Toss, Max Log Press, Arm Over Arm Medley, Car Leg Press, Atlas Stones, and our KFKF Sponsored Circus Dumbbell Event!

Oleksii Novikov circus dumbbell

Oleksii Novikov won the thrilling Circus Dumbbell Event with an amazing EIGHT reps on a 242 pound MONSTER dumbbell!

Oleksii Novikov handing out donuts

And as we're all about Making Gainz Both Ways, we provided a scrumptious surprise for the crowd! Novikov handed out delicious donuts to the adrenaline filled arena as a true Kinda Fit Kinda Fat testament that you absolutely can pursue your personal fitness goals and still enjoy the process!

Oleksii Novikov handing out donuts

We'd like to personally thank Brian and Keri Shaw for putting on an awesome competition with great sportsmanship and professionalism. We're definitely looking forward to being a part of the next Shaw Classic!

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