Cauldron x KFKF: The Mixer

Cauldron x KFKF:   The Mixer

January 23, 2020

The Cauldron x KKFF: Winter Social event was kind of a mixed bag of expectations for an event. We started in mid-December, right before peak holiday season would start, to plan and discuss what and why we wanted this event to happen.

 On the KFKF side of things,

I know the team really felt like there was a need to create more community centered events. The camaraderie and love that was shared the night of the annual Christmas party, we felt needed to be expanded and shared throughout the year.

One of our “Master Bakers” on staff had attended an event that was hosted by Cauldron Ice Cream, in Chino, CA. She continued to sing praises about the experience she had at the event. Little did she know that the event’s department was looking for opportunities to create community-centric events.

 After introductions, a few discussions about the space, the purpose, and the goal. With the help of Owner/Manager of Cauldron Ice Cream - Chino Michelle, the Cauldron x KFKF: Winter Social was born!

Our three goals for the event were simple:

1) To introduce our community of foodies to a new space that they may have not had the chance to check out yet.

2) To host a Foodie type of event

3) To provide an environment where the KFKF tribe had an opportunity to mingle outside of the group page!

Co-hosting the event with Cauldron Ice Cream gave us the opportunity to use a unique space. Cravings by 99 Ranch, is a food hall situated in a bustling shopping center. I called the venue unique because, on the outside, it looks like a supermarket where you can get some of your must needs on your shopping list and even some awesome snacks! On the other side of the supermarket, is a food hall filled with an assortment of quality stalls that range from boba and hot skillets to Vegan burgers and ice cream! This pairing was the perfect place for us to host our first mixer of the year! What better way to get people together than to invite them into  space that provides an assortment of foods to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters, good music and of course an opportunity to meet and mingle with the Tribe!

That night felt like it came and went! So many of the KFKF Tribe showed up and supported such a beautiful gathering of people. It was filled with games, photo booth, and giveaways. As the mixed sounds and music played by DJ Dumpling and DJ Bawsa, the cheers of success filled the air, as people ate, drank and played some of the group games hosted by “Master Baker” Monica and Cauldron Owner/Manager, Michelle. 

It was really awesome to see and have the opportunity to hangout with a lot of our tribe members and their family and friends outside of expos and competitions. It's great to have opportunities to support the tribe during their competitions and too see you all during the expos! I think that there’s a certain bond that gets built or developed when people sit down together to enjoy a good meal. Speaking of food, oh man! Cravings in Chino, had a wide variety of foods to try. Thankfully, some of the shops were offering a discount if you wore any of the KFKF gear! I had a chance to try: 

Mad Bun:
De La Seoul (Left)
 Crispy Pork Belly (Right)

Wingman Kitchen:
Garlic Parmesan (Left)
Honey Sriracha (Right)

Mad Bun: 
Crispy Pork Belly (Left)
Chicky Minaj (Right; My FAV!)

Oi Asian Fusion:
Adobo Bowl

Wingman Kitchen:
Tom Yum 

Oi Asian Fusion:

Cauldron Ice Cream: 

"The Cauldron" w/ Oreo Crumbs

Cauldron Ice Cream:

Strawberry Lime Sorbet w/ Oreo Crumbs

As an event planner, one of my favorite sounds to hear during an event, is a collective expression. Whether it be a “yay!” an “awe” or even an occasional sarcastic, “boo!” I love hearing that sound because it tells me that the people within the space were able to completely immerse themselves into the environment.I can tell you now during one of the rounds of “pass the box,” there was a collective “awe” followed by laughter. That made the night worth every minute spent planning and orchestrating.

We plan these types of events to encourage people to meet people they may have otherwise may have not! In the case of the winter social, it was for the love of good food and even greater company! If you missed the first edition of the mixer, it’s okay.

                                          We’ll catch you on the next bite!

Sarah Jane
Director of Events at Kinda Fit Kinda Fat

Admin/Writer for Kinda Fit Kinda Fat Blog


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