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"I've always been told that I eat more with my eyes than with my stomach. You can find me being the one at the party grabbing more than I can consume and a lot of what is on my plate are sweets.

I love food, but I also love fitting in a dress, and lately finding that balance for me when it comes to my love of food and my fitness has been challenging.

That's where Kinda Fit Kinda Fat™ has taught me that being a little bit of both is okay. You don't have to deprive yourself of the joys food just to fit into society’s standard of beauty; what matters most is that you love life and that you love yourself.

I work harder to get that extra workout in whenever I can, whether it's running down the beach for a photo shoot, swimming with family, or even deciding to walk instead of taking my car. Being perfect is impossible, but perfecting where I am right now is what I strive for - as long as I am moving forward to improve my health, mind, and soul. And if a donut once in a while makes me happy then I say I've accomplished that goal!

My name is Adri and I enjoy morning beach runs and maple donut bars and I am Kinda Fit Kinda Fat.” - Adri, Psychologist