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"I've realized three things in high school: Water is wet 💦, food is delicious 🍴, and weights are really heavy 🏋. I was a tall and bony Asian dude when I started high school 💀, but I was fortunate enough to meet Nikk my freshman year. He introduced me to the gym life, and we started off as embryos🐣 of what came to be the start of our fitness lifestyle.

Slowly, I was able to get some meat on my bones🍖 and inevitably fell in love with lifting💪. I do admit that I have a nasty habit of eating “dirty." Though, I do give my thanks to it. I owe it to those dirty foods that I was able to gain, gain some more, and keep getting them gainzz!!!👲❤🍩

I strongly believe in Kinda Fit Kinda Fat™ and it's Movement. Life is meant to be enjoyed through both fitness and food. We all struggle with the fitness journey and are too often influenced by how society expects us to live our lives. KFKF reminds everyone from all stages of your fitness journey to take a breath and enjoy life.

My name is Bernard and I sneak in midnight ice cream snacks and make heavy things go boom in the night and I am Kinda Fit Kinda Fat" - Bernard, LaSU Student