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"My name is Don, full name is Adebayo Ajayi. I'm a dual citizen and was born in Jos, Africa. I came here for a better life and spent my middle school and college years here in America. My whole life I've always been athletic, I played futbol, basketball and volleyball. After high school I realized I couldn't rely on my genetics my whole life. It took me about two years in college to actually get in the gym and set a routine. I was slow to get into the gym life because I've always looked like an athlete and never saw the need to actually lift.


I'm now in my senior year in college and glad it's slowly becoming a life style. My future goal is to become a vegan but until then I'm the kinda guy to play basketball at 3, go to the gym at 6, then go eat kbbq at 9 all in the same day.

I believe in Kinda Fit Kinda Fat™ because it is a brand for all athletes, no matter what your goals are or what stage you are on. Whatever the sport, whatever your goals, wherever you're from, the KFKF Tribe is a group of fellow athletes who enjoy fitness and food and show that is completely okay to love both. It's people coming together to share experiences in hopes of helping someone else out who may have similar struggles. And that is a Tribe I am proud to be a part of.

Oh, and if you're from the 626 area, I know the best foodie deals and happy hours like the back of my hand (tacos, ramen, you name it). 🌮🍜🤤

My name is Don and I enjoy mixing training lifting and sports, I'm a buffet owner's worst nightmare, and I'm Kinda Fit Kinda Fat." - Don, CSU LA Student