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“I don't remember a time in my teens until my mid 20s that I wasn't self conscious about my weight but didn't really do anything about it nor did I have motivation to. In my early 20s I was full time nursing school and working and made the 'I don't have time' as an excuse. Then I started working night shift and used that as an excuse. Then every year I look at old pictures and thought the oh-so-popular "why did I think I was fat then!?"


Then it became more than just physical appearance. My resting (yes, RESTING) heart rate was in the high 90s and my blood pressure looked like a blood pressure of a 60 year old man with heart disease. But what do I do? I'm 70% water and 30% ice cream and bacon is life.


Initially I thought that if I workout I'll be skinny and happy because it's soooo easy to work out to be skinny 🙄 boy, was I wrong. Not only was it hard af to lose weight, but that it wasn't about that. It's about my health. It's about not feeling winded going up a flight of stairs or feeling tired all the time.


KFKF is about finding that balance with health and food while keeping a healthy mindset. Being healthy for me goes beyond just the physical; It is important to embrace body positivity throughout the entire fitness journey: the good and bad. I will forever be the biggest foodie, but know that I'll be running a couple more laps if my next food travel will include more desserts than my usual an ice cream a night🍦.


My name is Eden, I consider running late on passing medications to my patients as cardio, and I am Kinda Fit Kinda Fat.” - Eden, RN