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Posted by Kinda Fit Kinda Fat on

"My fitness journey has been somewhat of a wild ride. It starts off by me not liking the way I look in the mirror or that bad feeling you get when you put on a pair of jeans. Soon after, I hit the gym hard, take yoga classes, lift with my boyfriend, and of course do tons of cardio. However, once I start feeling good about myself again, my work schedule gets crazy or family events come up and I lose all that motivation.


I'll stop working out until I dislike my body and that whole cycle starts all over again. I have always loved the kind of energizing tiredness that only comes from pushing your body to its limits, but it's an easy feeling to forget when you've just worked four nights in a row.

Growing up, my mom would always made sure my sisters and I ate healthy. There was never a meal without fruits or vegetables and for that I thank her to this day for showing me how to incorporate fresh food into my daily meals. On the other hand, she also passed on her love of chocolate to me. I swear I wake up in the morning and all I want to eat is chocolate. The addiction is real and moderation is never an option when it comes to chocolate. I now feel like chocolate might be addicted to me.


Looking at my journey through fitness and through food, I definitely can say that I am Kinda Fit Kinda Fat. KFKF to me means that there is no shame for me to not only eat great food, but also workout at my own level. Not only that, but KFKF has me proud to where I am at today.


My name is Heather and I enjoy saving babies, am a chocolate lover, and I am Kinda Fit Kinda Fat" - Heather, Pediatric RN