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“My journey started in high school, where I used to weigh 280lbs and decided that it was time for a lifestyle change. I went from playing video games all day, going to band practice, and eating what ever I wanted to eat to training everyday and watching what I ate. Within a year I went from 280 to 165.


Come 2015, I found my home gym at Barbell Brigade and found the sport of powerlifting. I’ve competed 5 times already and on to my 6th one.

Now this sport has opened so many opportunities for me in so many ways. I’ve been able to start a powerlifting coaching services, join the KFKF movement, and have been able to meet fellow KFKF Tribe members and have been able to exchange our stories, fitness routines, and cannoli recipes 🤤

I love being part of the KFKF Family because it doesn’t matter what you look like or how much weight you lift as long as you’re happy with yourself and growing everyday from it. Everyone starts somewhere so don’t compare yourself to anyone else but yourself.

My name is Herman, my maxes are 545/385/575. I’m an elite powerlifter, I love to cook(steaks especially), and I’m a proud Kinda Fit Kinda Fat.” Herman, Coach