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Posted by Kinda Fit Kinda Fat on

“My journey started when I dislocated my knee twice after 7 years of lacrosse. My injury led me to be constantly afraid of doing anything that might cauase me to get hurt again. I gained some weight and became insecure because my diet and sweet tooth stayed the same but my level of activity was nonexistent. 2017 came and I met a few people who would lift 3x their body weight and feast on KBBQ daily, all while staying and looking fit! I ended up falling in love with the lifestyle and am now living and loving the sport of powerlifting.


Now, I'm pulling weight I never even thought I could lift while eating 7 cookies in between each set. I'm no longer scared of living life to the fullest because the sport has me constantly pushing my body to its limits and continues to show me how strong I am capable of being.

Being a part of the KFKF Tribe and Movement pushes me to become a stronger lifter while at the same time reminds me to love myself, my body, and my food. This community reminds me to be a role model for those who doubt themselves on their fitness journey. Wearing the KFKF brand will serve the same purpose that my tattoos do. It will illustrate a lifestyle I believe in and will hopefully pick at people's curiosity. And when that happens, conversations are sparked, beliefs are shared, friends are made, and the movement I love will grow!

My name is Kay. I'm a mid-set snacker, powerlifter, and you better not steal my cookies and I am Kinda Fit Kinda Fat.”- Kay