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“Growing up I was always called ’skinny.” I hated that word because it marked me, it labeled me, it placed judgement on me. I thought being skinny meant I couldn’t be strong. I remember eating, eating and over eating. Although my weight didn’t increase much due to my hyperactive metabolism, the negative thoughts about my body image lingered.


I began participating in CrossFit which changed my outlook on fitness: People from all shapes and sizes pushing themselves to their own athletic limits. I realized that I could find happiness in my given body while at the same time, pushing my athleticism to my body’s max.

In the same way that the word “skinny” hindered me growing up, the word “fat” also has its societal draw backs. People are scared to be called “fat” and have an aversion to it. These labels should not stop anyone from pursuing their fitness goals. I wear the KFKF brand proudly because it aims to dismantle “body-shaming” and promote body positivity: all shapes, all sizes. KFKF apparel reminds me that everything in moderation is what brings me most happiness and success. KFKF reminds me that I’m human and that I shouldn’t beat myself up if I miss one gym day in the week. It no longer matters what people say when they see me. What matters most is how good I feel on the inside, which radiates energy, positivity and strength from within.

KFKF motivates me to be the best me I can be. I enjoy all the lifts while partaking in the gainz!

My name is Lorejune— I enjoy running, crossfitting and ice cream and I am a Kinda Fit Kinda Fat.” - Lorejune F.