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Posted by Kinda Fit Kinda Fat on

"I am a mom of two highly energetic boys. Being a parent has changed me; my days are no longer solely my own. Almost every minute of my day is devoted to my family. At times, my little babes have me feeling over the moon. Other times I literally lose my mind.


I needed to find balance in my life and wanted to be a better me for my family and for myself. I decided to make going to the gym a habit. (After all I had a free personal trainer- my bro). It became my saving grace, my outlet, my me time. It cleared my mind and I shed a couple pounds and it was glorious.


But outside the gym, I need my sweets. I have an affinity for that sugar fix. I love having ice cream, boba, cake, you name it, with my kids. The hottest trend in the dessert you say? I'm all over it. So yeah, I'm all about that KFKF life.


I love food and I love fitness and KFKF reminds me that it's ok to have both!


My name is Louvelle and I have a love/hate relationship with battle ropes, lift my kids on the daily, am a bobaholic, and I am Kinda Fit Kinda Fat." - Louvelle, RN, Mother