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"I used to think that being a Physical Therapist meant you should always strive to improve your body physically and that there was no room for error. That we should be a prime example of what peak fitness really meant, no excuses. I have come to realize that's not the case at all. Sure people look up to PT's for health and fitness advice, but to put so much pressure on yourself to maintain that image can truly mess with your psyche. I became so focused on what I could improve about myself physically, that I almost lost sight of who I was and what it meant to just be happy with who I am.


Being in the industries of medicine and fitness, I’ve learned that there is so much more to recovery and human health than just physicality. I’ve noticed that my patients who recover best and have the best outcomes are those who also have a strong and healthy mindset. They believe in the process and are unwavered by temporary losses in functionality. They embrace the journey and as a result, go from recovery to excellence.

KFKF has shown me that being healthy and becoming fit is a process and should not feel like another job. It's okay to splurge every once in awhile or have a cheat day/weekend with friends. What I really love about KFKF, is that it's goal is to show everyone that you aren't alone in your fitness journey and that the "Tribe" has your back.

My name is Nick. I love when my patients bring me donuts and I am Kinda Fit Kinda Fat.” - Dr. Nick, PT, DPT