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Posted by Kinda Fit Kinda Fat on

"Hi my name is Nikk and I am Kinda... hungry. Hungry as an athlete and a foodie that is! Growing up, my parents always cooked a wide variety of food and that led to me being intrigued by everything food related but also easily tempted to cheat on my meals as often as I can. πŸ˜‚

Luckily, that obsession with food transferred over to my drive to be an athlete. All throughout my life, I've played sports. Basketball, tennis, football, I've played it. Now with the help of my friend, Bernard, I've moved to bodybuilding and powerlifting.Β 
I just hope my craving for athletics never stops like my craving for 🍩🍩🍩! 

I believe in the KFKF movement because I know fitness is a struggle. Too many times we're faced with these perfect images on social media that we forget to appreciate the bodies we have and enjoy the journey of making them better. Kinda Fit Kinda Fatβ„’ is a tribe for all athletes. Whenever you're feeling down about yourself, put on your KFKF shirt and rock dat bod proudly.

My name is Nikk and I'm an aspiring powerlifter as well as an amateur speed donut eating competitor and I am Kinda Fit Kinda Fat." - Nikk, UCI Student