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“Growing up, I was someone who had always wanted to have the “perfect” type of body. I wanted abs and those arms and shoulders that would make people tremble when they saw me. Unfortunately, the only thing people “trembled" about was that I was going to eat their food. My family had called me “The Garbage Disposal” because they knew I would eat any leftovers on their plates.


I have always considered myself an athlete because I played ball and worked out. My problem was that I loved to eat. This love caused my weight to constantly fluctuate. I had reluctantly dieted once and dropped enough fat to the point of being “shredded,” but then I wanted to bulk up so I could join my college basketball team. I enjoyed my building diet so much that I guess I am forever in “bulking” mode.

I realized there is no such thing as the “perfect” body type. Its all about how you see yourself. I look in the mirror and although I may not be happy with what I see at times, I am still happy with who I am. This is why KFKF really speaks out to me. KFKF is not a brand that supports complacency, but instead is a movement supporting inner confidence. To, me, it is about being confident with who you are and just enjoying the journey toward reaching your goals.

My name is Tim. I make them gainz in the gym and on the court and I will still eat your leftovers and I am a Kinda Fit Kinda Fat.” - Tim