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"If I had to narrow it down, I think my favorite food of all time would have to be l... everything! Me and my girlfriend Kirsten like to travel to various cities, states, & countries to enjoy the beauty & culture they have, & to eat their food.


I am a nursing student at West Coast University. As a nursing student it's hard for me to stay fit so I end up just staying fat for the most part. But when I do have the time I like to spend most of it indoor/outdoor rock climbing.. and eating.. a lot. Another thing I like to do is hike, which goes hand-in-hand with outdoor rock climbing. So if you're ever down to climb, hike, or eat, hit me up!


I've been a climber for about 7 years now. I fell in love with the sport in the summer of 2010 and have been as passionate about it as I am about food.


My name is Tofu, I am a future RN and I enjoy rock climbing for the 🍰 and I am a KFKF Athlete." - Tofu, Nursing Student, KFKF Athlete.