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“I was always scrawny for most of my life until after nursing school. Last year, I decided to make a life change. I started working out and using nutrition supplements.

Even with the gainz I have been able to make, I'm not one of the shredded n jacked brahs you see on IG. I'm your average kinda fit kinda fat brah who likes making things go boom in the gym and on the range while pounding down an Oreo milkshake at the same time.

I am a big proponent of a person’s right to bear arms and began shooting over two years ago. I got into media mainly for the industry and the culture and that community has become family to me. In the same way Kinda Fit Kinda Fat™ has become a community of fitness and foodie lovers that I can call my family too. KFKF Tribe x Pew Pew love 🍩💪🏽❤️ 🍩
I am an adventure seeker to say the least. I have a background in trauma care and am now a cool rescue ninja for the critical care specialty transport team.
My motto? Eat, lift, shoot. Repeat.

My name is Zac and I’m a pew pew fanatic and I eat KBBQ for morning, lunch, and dinner and I am Kinda Fit Kinda Fat.” Zac, RN (Trauma)