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The Test Kitchen : Pancakes

May 29, 2020

Let's talk Pancakes! It was an early Thursday morning, and for some reason, all I could think about was pancakes! The subtle crunchiness of the crisp edges, the buttery and cream flavor of the batter and the warm and sticky sweetness as you pour on the maple syrup! Soo Good... My usual go to is a ready made mix. You know the type where you just mix either water or milk with the dry mix and you're ready to go! This time around, I wanted something different, something a little more fresh. After trying to look for recommendations in my usual foodie Reddit Pages, I went to Twitter to ask the Tribe their thoughts.. The breakfast gods heard my plea and my requested had been responded to!! Tribe Member: Mike Herrera (@papertiki) came to the rescue for my lackluster breakfast plans with this delicious recipe suggestion!! We scoured the pantry to see if we even had any of the ingredients required to create the fluffiness! Unfortunately, we didn't have a handful of the ingredients, so we decided to check on the internet for suitable alternatives. We found them and we tried them.

I’ll be honest, prepping the batter was fairly easy! Some of the ingredients we were missing were the blueberries, so we substituted those for chocolate chips. And we were also missing the buttermilk.

 A lot of cooking sites mentioned that if you mix about a tablespoon of lemon juice with milk until it froths, it is a simple substitute for buttermilk. We figured why not!

The batter turned out a little runnier than we anticipated and they took a little longer to cook thoroughly. They were a little thin and dense,but the end result was still pretty delicious!

I will say, the first attempt wasn't horrible. It just didn't live up to what I had hoped for in a pancake stack.. Below are some photos so that you can see what we had attempted. It was a total loss. They still tasted like pancakes, but they didn't taste like these were the pancakes that I was hoping for.

While cooking in the pan, the pancake didn't really get that overall bubbly on top.. like the way you know when to flip it over.  You can see the brown spots of the browned butter. 

As you can see from this photo, the texture and surface are a bit uneven.


I was determined to try the pancakes again. I wanted to figure out what it was that made delicious pancakes the food that you just couldn't wait to eat again. Sounds basic, but everyone has that one meal that just haunts them until they are able to try it again. For me at this time, its just a good stack of pancakes. I can't really explain it, but its what I wanted.

Below is the link to the website with the recipe that was suggested to us, and the link to the article with the recipe from Martha Stewart’s website where the recipe was originally adapted from.

I encourage you

to try it out! It doesn't hurt to shake up your pancake routine with a new recipe!

I was worried about accidentally dropping my phone or getting it wet, so I wrote it out and then got to work!

When we first received the recipe suggestion, of course we were excited to try them out! What’s better than eating pancakes to start your day?! Of course there are waffles.. But it just felt like a pancake type of day. We went through our pantry and tried to collect all of the ingredients that we needed to make this epic stack of pancakes! With the Stay at Home Order still in effect, we didn’t have a fully stocked pantry and tried to make due with what we had.

We did feel that maybe we should try the recipe again with the accurate ingredients needed.

So we stopped by the market, picked up the missing ingredients and got to cooking! This time around, i tried to whisk the ingredients by hand. The first time I tried the recipe in a stand mixer. It made it even more easy to do, but I wasn't sure if it was affecting the results. 

Let me tell you, that made a HUGE difference!! The batter was fluffier, the flavor had a full profile, it had crisp edges, cooked faster, and it was FLUFFY.. Just like a good pancake should be!

Below are a few photos of the process and the finished result. I'd like to say that my partner and I had some left overs, but honestly, we went ham. The pancakes weren't overtly sweet and fluffy. They also had a layer of crunchy and a hint of salty. 

The bubbles came! the cake inflated evenly! 

The stack of FLUFFINESS!!

It was so light and buttery, not oily.

It makes me not want to use the pre-mix the quick shake style of pancake. Nothing against making that type of pancake, but I assure you, that you will find this recipe a game changer for morning breakfast on the weekends.

I feel like every attempt at a new recipe will always have room for improvement and development of skills. It's pretty exciting!

Some notes to consider as you make your way through they recipe at home:

-using buttermilk makes a huge difference in the outcome of the pancake.

-using butter to grease your pan before you put the batter, helps crisp the edges

-definitely cook on low heat. Cooking the batter on high heat will only cause it to cook unevenly and the probability of burning is higher.

-don’t brown the butter!! This makes a huge difference in the consistency and overall taste of the pancake!

All in all, it was a fun recipe to try! I’m glad we tried two different batches! It really helped me understand how different ingredients can interact with each other. I would say that this recipe is something anyone can try!

Let us know how your pancakes turned out!

                                           Until then, We’ll catch you on the next bite!

** The photos used in this article were taken by: me! Sarah Jane. **

Sarah Jane

Director of Events at Kinda Fit Kinda Fat
 Admin/Writer for Kinda Fit Kinda Fat Blog


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