"The Bakery"

" The Bakery"

Hello and welcome to our side of things.

Kinda Fit Kinda Fat Apparel started technically, in the kitchen. What steamed from misguided identities to self acceptance and the birth of strong willed body positivism, has evolved into what has become not only a household name, but a message that every person can identify with.

In our kitchen,

we don’t just brew up the next trends of athletic-leisure wear; we concoct innovative ways to express the self acceptance and motivation that we all as human beings crave. The acceptance that yes, we may not be the same as the people we see in magazines, but that’s okay. We’re all in our own fitness journeys. What is important is that we try to be better than we were the day before. 

We have such an electric group of people here in the kitchen. Many of us coming from such different backgrounds, come here to work not only for a brand we all wholeheartedly believe in, but also are working together and motivating each other toward our own fitness goals. You can find us running to the gym together, trying out new programs, and celebrating our victories over AYCE. We’re motivated by the people who identify with our brand's message. We’re motivated by the companies that work as a community around us. We are motivated by you to keep moving, to keep creating, and to keep inviting others to be open to the possibility of something different. 

**many members of our team is missing in this photo.. lol**

This page is to give you a little sneak peak into the BTS of the staff behind the label, introduce you to new members and hopefully inspire you to become the better version of yourself than what you were today. 

Sarah Jane 
Director of Events at Kinda Fit Kinda Fat

Admin/Writer for Kinda Fit Kinda Fat Blog


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