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Hitting Your Mark:  Have you ever felt like you know where you belong, but where that was specifically was still a mystery? There have been many times in my life where I felt like things were a good fit, but not to the point where things could get locked into place.  Read More Hitting Them Gainz with: Alex The KFKF message has attracted a lot of other like minded people from far and near just looking to support each other and keep each other accountable. In my opinion, accountability is very important when it comes to achieving goals. My journey just keeps getting better and better one day at a time. . - Alex Ramirez Read More The Bakery Lorem...

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"The Oven"

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Kinda Fit Kinda Fat: Medical Relief Initiative                                                                                       THE UPDATE! The KFKF Medical Initiative has been met with so much love and support from you, our community!  Find out more about what is happening with the initiative and opportunities for people to continue to help this dire cause!  🥰🍩😷 Read More Kinda Fit Kinda Fat: Medical Relief Initiative! Currently there is an unprecedented shortage of protective equipment for the country’s medical staff fighting this pandemic on the front lines.  In...

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