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"I have always looked moderately skinny with a petite frame. I have never had any serious issues with my weight but I've never been completely "fit." All my life I've been skinny fat and no matter how much I worked out I would always have that little pudge (the type that Victoria likes to keep a Secret). I never developed the best eating habits because my love for food would always win.

I recently graduated from Ucla and the summer before entering I had hiked, climbed, and worked out regularly. It was the most fit I had ever been in my life. However, the stress of school got the better of me. I devoted most of my time to studying and when I wasn't studying or if I was bored or had free time I was eating.

My goal isn't to be the most fit or reach some specific body, but I do want to reach a level of fitness, physically and mentally, that will allow me to experience the joys of both fitness and food.

Ya girl wants to eat but she also wants to be able to climb some stairs without huffin' and puffin'.

My name is Danica and I enjoy complaining about cardio but will run for pizza and I am a KFKF Athlete." - Danica, Psychologist, KFKF Admin