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Ambassador: Daric

“In high school, I was never considered strong. I participated in sports but I never thought of myself as an athlete. I began becoming more interested in weightlifting in college but was never consistent enough to make serious advances. I eventually committed to weightlifting seriously about 2 years ago. I learned about all the fad diets and fad workouts and really tried everything that would fit for me. But as expected, nothing really stuck. I wanted to be strong and this made me obsess over fad diets that would end up burning me out after a few months.

It was during this time that I found lifting for strength and eating good food in moderation is what worked for me. I found out that strength starts from inside first. If you strengthen your mind, the gainz and the body will follow suit.

What I love about KFKF and how it differs from other fitness brands is that it accepts gainz all types of ways. You don’t have to be a heavy lifter or a shredded bro to be a part of the KFKF family. You just have to be yourself. Whether you make gainz stuffing your face the “dirty bulk” way or you do it the “clean way,” the KFKF community is there to back you up, to remind you that goals can be achieved hand in hand with loving yourself in the now. A strong mind = a strong body.

My name is Daric. My goal is to be at least as strong as Dwayne Johnson’s right calf and I am a KFKF Athlete.” - Daric, RN, KFKF Athlete