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Eddie Williams

“About 5 years ago I gradually put on a lot of weight over the years. I still played Rugby as a sport but I was losing interest in training at the gym. Training at a heavy bodyweight with low motivation can be very taxing. When I found Strongman, I immediately fell in love with the sport. It made me want to get in the gym to train, increase my strength, and learn new skill. I’ve actually put on even more bodyweight since then but definitely have more muscle underneath haha!
Along with fitness, I love and enjoy eating all types of food. My goal with eating is to fuel my body for what I need to do in training and in competition. To be a heavyweight strongman, you need to eat a lot to keep your weight up, so I always make sure I include foods that I enjoy so it’s not always a chore for me to eat haha. I love the moving events of Strongman and I consider myself to be athletic despite being 190kg. I support the KFKF Brand and Mission because it promotes and brings light to how athleticism comes in all shapes and sizes. I may not have abs in the gym, but I can pull a truck and deadlift a car 🤙🏽
My name is Eddie Williams. I am a 2 x Australia’s Strongest Man, Southern Hemisphere’s Strongest Man, and a World’s Strongest Man Competitor, and I am KFKF.” - Eddie Williams, Professional Strongman, father, husband, and KFKF Strongman Athlete.