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Athlete (Powerlifting): Gloria

I never imagined in my lifetime I would be considered athletic. In middle school, I ran one mile, fainted from low blood pressure, and cost my parents a few hundred dollars for riding in an ambulance. I tried different sports throughout the years, but none ever felt right. I was introduced to bodybuilding but quickly realized I knew nothing about technique, programming, or nutrition. I grew bored and frustrated with my lack of progress.

In January 2015, I discovered powerlifting and it was like a whole new world opened up to me; I found what I was looking for. Today, I am an elite-ranked powerlifter. I continuously set higher and higher goals for myself to get stronger and stronger. Powerlifting is my passion, and I would describe it as my soulmate in hobby form. Aside from powerlifting, I was born and raised in the heart of San Gabriel Valley, the land of dim sum and boba.

KFKF aligns with my values as an athlete and a foodie because of my overwhelming love for powerlifting and donuts. Their message resonates with me because a healthy lifestyle should include something like a pound of fitness, a cup of indulgence, and loads of self-love on top. I believe in KFKF’s movement and want to see it grow into something well-known and loved in the fitness community, not just in powerlifting, but in any other sport as well.

My name is Gloria, I may be a floss boss but I have a huge sweet tooth, specifically for donuts. I lift weights but I also lift donuts to my face and I am a KFKF Athlete. - Gloria, 56kg/123lbs Elite Powerlifter, dental student, KFKF Athlete.