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Haley Randall

Haley is a Canadian Lawyer and Elite World Class Strongwoman. Haley made the switch from powerlifting to strongman last year and placed 8th at Worlds Strongest Woman 2018. She will be looking to improve on this placing in the upcoming season. Haley's passion as a teenager was Baseball where she was a power hitter and she won a National Championship and Represented Canada at the Little League World Series Championships at 16 years old. She has now channeled that passion into strength sports. She currently holds the world record in the axle deadlift and the Canadian record for standard bar deadlift.

Haley's goal is to help promote and empower women in strength sports and encourage body positivity through performance over appearance. To accomplish this goal, she now owns and assists with a strength gym in her city where she provides mentorship and coaching and hosts seminars.