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Athlete (Powerlifting): Jess

“I first began my fitness journey in 8th grade when my aunt opened up my very first 24 Hour Fitness gym pass for me. I remembered looking at other "skinny" girls and wanting to look like them so I would spend almost 2 hours everyday (yes, including weekends) at the gym doing cardio. I would also sometimes starve myself just to binge on food the following week. It was a very unhealthy lifestyle until I got into powerlifting in 11th grade. I was lucky enough to have made friends at the gym who are powerlifters. I started to learn more about it and eventually fell in love with the sport. Here I am today, having already participated in my first meet in January 2018.

I am in complete awe at the message the KFKF brand looks to encourage. I 100% identify with the goal of staying fit but also enjoying food. I want to help other people realize that you do not have to give up the satisfaction of eating your favorite food in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. More than that, I want to help this brand re-define the word "fat." Fat should not be a word to shame anyone or prevent anyone from embracing who they are. I want to help reach out to people who are just getting into the fitness world and hopefully motivate them to understand that living a healthy lifestyle is a long-term goal that could be met with a flexible diet.

I want to be able to grow as much as I can, and then just keep growing and learning some more. I would like to think I have evolved from being an overweight child who hated food and her physical appearance, to a strong woman who embraces herself more and more everyday.

My name is Jessica. I have strange addiction to bread and I use the bread carbs to fuel my workouts and I am a KFKF Athlete." - Jessica, UCR Student, KFKF Athlete.