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“Being a female in the car scene doesn’t come without obstacles. When I would talk about drifting or post anything car related, people would comment, "that's a funny looking kitchen!" Implying that I ONLY belonged in a kitchen. I used the hashtag, NotAKitchen as a humorous response to the stereotype. It became my message and my symbol as a female drifter, to encourage other women to go for whatever career path they choose!
The feeling of drifting is truly...indescribable; the sensation of being in complete control, yet letting go of everything at the same time. It's a moment in time where it's just you, and the car.
KFKF & NotAKitchen encourage people to live outside of the lines that society tries to paint for us.
To the people who say you can’t, I say, live free and do you! Love yourself, BE yourself, and start LIVING.