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“I’ve always had self esteem issues. I’ve been a big girl my entire life and since I was a child I’ve been through a plethora of diets, pills, teas and other concoctions. I’ve gone through eating disorders and a bunch of unhealthy ways to lose weight throughout my ENTIRE life. Despite the weight I’ve always been deceptively athletic. Multiple varsity sports in high school as well as college and grad school intramurals and consistent active life- cycling 20 miles, swimming a mile, running a 5k- all easily doable. Despite doing all these, at the end of the day I was terribly unhappy and hated myself just because of the weight and how I saw myself.

KFKF came at a time where my opinion of myself started to change. I stopped hiding and started stepping out. I am slowly starting to love myself and embracing the thickness. I am no where near my fitness goal but I’m enjoying the journey.

Shout out to those big girls slaying it out there in the world. Stop hiding and step out. Bless us with dat booty and dem thighs. Love yourself and f🍩ck the rest. You a boss ass bitch 💪🏽” - Dr. Meena, DPT, KFKF Athlete, Co-Owner and Director of Events/Athletes and Ambassadors of KFKF Apparel