David Regoso


As a photographer, I believe risk taking plays a huge factor with the journey to becoming successful -- not only with art, but also in life. By taking risks, we put ourselves into the realm of knowing what works and what doesn’t, rather than just dreaming.

Recently, I've had to make the most difficult decision in my life by choosing to put my passions and my happiness first. Prior to being a full time creative, I worked at a stable hospital for 4 years in Downtown LA as a Sterile Processing Technician in the surgery department where I had to sterilize and prep and pack surgical instruments. Working at the hospital wasn’t my cup of tea as it was taking a lot of time away from myself and photography. It was also affecting my health due to the overwhelming stress. Although it was a stable, safe job with good benefits, I ultimately resigned and took a huge risk to pursue being a full time creative.

We learn and grow from our past challenges and failure, and that's how we truly know the risk was worth it. We build from the small wins and eventually, it’ll keep growing with the right mindset. I know the journey isn't easy, but with more opportunities and hard work, I know I can be the person I genuinely envision myself to be.