Gian - Lead Graphic Designer

Hello! My name is Gianmarco, Gian for short. I like drawing things, Star Wars things, Spongebob things and Batman things (DC>Marvel) lifting things, and romantic walks in the park. Some things that I like to do for fun are drawing, photography, exploring, jamming with talented people, and generally experiencing new things.

Growing up, I always believed it was important to be kind and make people happy. Living by “be the protagonist in your own movie” I always want to be the person bring joy to others wherever I can (I’m an Aries and have a savior complex so ya..) and I found that through art, I can communicate that to people without having to actually talk to people because that can be quite nerve racking to me. I can be a rather quiet and stoic person upon first meeting me. Mainly because get very insecure about how people perceive me and I have a constant thought that I am always being judged.

Being in the Kinda Fit Kinda Fat family and knowing their brand message alleviates that fear in me and allows me to be more comfortable with who I am and designing for them is a huge plus. If I can create designs that bring joy and confidence to someone then I know that I have done my job well. Designing for them gives me the opportunity and the creative freedom for me to freely illustrate and create work that I enjoy doing and makes other people happy in return. Anyway, hope you enjoy my designs and join the KF tribe!

Truly yours,
Gianmarco Milanes