Matt Siregar


Hello! My name is Matt and I’m just your everyday nurse, photographer, spin instructor, and most importantly, a good friend :3

Growing up overweight, I felt isolated from fitness culture; not knowing the limitations I put on my own body just because I didn’t look a certain way. It wasn’t until college I learned that after taking multiple exercise courses that it’s not about what you look. It’s about how you feel and that your presence is more important than perfection.

I wanted to see someone who looks like me in the fitness world and I wanted to pave the way. Fast forward to now, I have to ask: have you ever seen another 250lb+ spin instructor?

My relationship with food has been a complicated journey, from overly stuffing my face to starving myself. But I realized that at the end of the day to be kind to myself and allow myself to fail but pick myself up at the end of the day. Ultimately, I had to switch my mindset. Food and exercise are not currency or punishments for each other, but they are both opportunities for me to love my body. I try to embody that every single day.

I found Kinda Fit Kinda Fat through college friends and nursing colleagues and instantly fell in love. Not only does it marry food and fitness, this brand allows everyone to feel safe in their journey to loving their body. No matter how it looks, Kinda Fit Kinda Fat allows for not only one expression of fitness, but all of them. From the humorous design to the catchy taglines, everyone can find themselves here.

And after joining the team as one of the photographers, I am so very grateful to share space with individuals who not only agree with how I view food and fitness but who challenge be by asking, “how can we translate this message to more marginalized people?” I love it here.

Now you can catch me on the bike and the mic in a cycling class, lifting at the gym, doing some well deserved recovery at yoga OR you can catch me trying all the delicious foods around Southern California. If you know of any restaurants that serve delicious WINGS, lemme know!I I welcome you to join me... but just be ready for some bad puns!

My name is Matt, I am a creative, nurse, spin instructor, foodie, and extrovert. I am learning, growing, and healing every single day. And I am grateful to be Kinda Fit Kinda Fat.