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“Like most girls, I started off as the occasional cardio bunny. Even then, I was never consistent with going to the gym. My relationship with food was always on the extreme side — I’d either eat very little from insecurities or binge/eat out all the time, immediately feeling guilty after. Being a daughter of tiny Asian parents, my self esteem hit rock bottom when they told me they were worried I’d get “too big”. There’s a lingering stereotype that Asian women are meant to be petite, submissive, and dare I say... weak🤭. Deep down, I unfortunately agreed with them — I hated my body and eventually learned the hard way that YOLO diets, pills, waist trainers, & fit teas simply do not work.

Fast forward to October 2016 when I was introduced to the life changing world of weights and it’s amazing capabilities to sculpt the body. I fell in love with deadlifts, made a fitsagram, and began following #girlswhopowerlift. I was inspired and motivated to lift heavier and finally realized that I needed to eat more to do so.

As a newbie powalifta and recent owner to @class1donuts (..yes I eat donuts everyday 😂), KFKF speaks to my soul because I care more now about what my body can do, not just what it looks like. This revolutionary movement reminds me that food is fuel but it can definitely be enjoyed without regrets. Balance is key, right?

So yes, it’s okay to be shredded but it’s also more than fine to be a potato too. Love your body throughout every stage of your fit journey even if it means enjoying one (or a dozen) donuts once in a while 😌

My name is Monica, I enjoy lifting sushi into my mouth, serving my customers with a smile, and I am Kinda Fit Kinda Fat.” - Monica, 67.5kg powerlifter, Bakery