Director of Customer Experience

Hi angels!

I’m Sarah, but you can call me Swilly. I’m a sports junkie, beer connoisseur, plant mom, & “The Office” fanatic. I’m also a Gemini (if you can’t already tell). I value being around my friends & family & love spending time with my orange tabby cat, Beau. I love learning new things & meeting new people, & I can always go for AYCE sushi. Really, I can always go for AYCE anything, buffets are my shit.

For most of my life, I identified myself as an athlete & a tomboy. I played softball for about 8 years & was even blessed enough to play it in college. I also LOVED fashion & expressing myself through the clothing I wore. Instead of wearing skinny jeans & t-shirts (circa 2011), I loved to wear high waisted shorts & printed tops (I was basically a walking Tumblr girl). This, in turn, put me through some bullying & self confidence issues. Looking back, you could never be “cool” if you didn’t conform to what everyone else was doing, & that clearly is NOT my steaze.

Once I graduated from the college I was playing softball at, my identity was gone. I had no sense of self worth, self love, or community. I was trying to find myself through anything & everything but came up short every single time. This was a dark time in my life, which also came with weight gain. This was not easy for me, as I grew up with a lot of body dysmorphia issues.

Through the sport of powerlifting, I was not only able to feel better about myself physically & mentally, but I was also able to connect with people again & find Kinda Fit Kinda Fat. KFKF is more than just “an apparel brand’, it’s a one of a kind community. These are my people, my support system, my motivation. This community gave me the self-confidence & self-appreciation to not only love myself externally but internally as well. Nowadays, I play a little slow pitch & wear pretty much whatever I want with the confidence I deserve to have in myself. It’s truly inexplicable how crucial your inner circle is. The KFKF community IS my inner circle, & I am so blessed to have all of these beautiful souls in my corner.

I can’t wait to get to know you all & hopefully meet some of you some day! For now, I will continue to devote my time & energy into making your experience with our community inviting & exciting. You are the reason why we exist today, & we could not be more grateful for each & every one of you beautiful humans, so thank you! <3

With Love,