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"I always have had issues with my own image. From elementary school to now I have always been hard on myself. It has only been in the last year that I have truly started to feel and be able to believe others when they say i am strong or not just extremely fat. The person I see in the mirror is very different from the person all of you see.
I have started to feel stronger and bigger (in a good way) which is an extremely great feeling. Having a group of people behind me with Kinda Fit Kinda Fat is extremely important to me and it's why I work so hard.
Without being pushed by my close friends to really try and compete in Strongman I never would of done it. Strongman has given me a confidence I have never had.

I am Alexander McGarry and I will never pass up Whiskey and food with friends and I am KFKF." - Alex, KFKF Business Relations Manager