Eddie Williams Showstopping Performance at the 2024 World's Strongest Man Competition!

The World's Strongest Man competition is always a thrilling spectacle, showcasing the raw power, determination, and athleticism of some of the world's strongest athletes! With a series of show stopping events that test stamina, grip, skill, endurance, conditioning, training, and strategy, every competitor is pushed to his limits.

A crowd favorite powerhouse contender is none other than our Kinda Fit Kinda Fat Professional Strongman, Eddie Jo Williams, the infamous “Singing Strongman” and 2X Austrailia’s Strongest Man!

Master of the Stone Carry

After his debut on Austrailia's Got Talent, Eddie has been know to serenade the crowd after competing on the biggest strongman stages. Just last year, this gentle giant surpassed the leaderboard and set the new World Record of 31.66 Meters for Nicol Stones at The Giants Live 2023 Strongman Classic.

(Video courtesy of Giants Live STRONGMAN YouTube channel)

WSM Day 1: Qualifiers

Events: Webster Stones, Deadlift Ladder, Sandbag Steeplechase

With his impressive history, expectations were set very high as the “One Trip Wonder” took on the Webster Stones event at this year’s 2024 World’s Strongest Man in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. With the stones weighing in at 250lbs and 300 lbs, Eddie darted the stones across the course with a breeze and finished first in his group and first in the event overall with 46.45 meters!

The Deadlift Ladder featured head to head matchups where competitors had to deadlift 5 heavy barbells loaded with an astounding 661, 705, 750, 793, and 841 pounds in the fastest time possible in 1 minute. Eddie finished 2nd in his group lifting the final barbell at 58.07 seconds!

And lastly to finish off the first day was the Sandbag Steeplechase where athletes had to hoist 3 sandbags weighing 176 to 264 pounds and transport it over a bar as fast as possible in 75 seconds. Eddie finished 4th with 5 segments in 58.33 seconds.

WSM Day 2: Qualifiers

Globe Viking Press, Car Walk, Stone Off

The second day of the competition featured another round of challenging qualifiers. The first event featured the Globe Viking Press where contestants needed to lockout an overhead press for the most reps in 60 seconds in front of a judge. Eddie finished 5th at 10 reps!

Next was a crowd favorite.. the entertaining Car Walk! Athletes needed to yoke walk a 1000lb Volkswagen Beetle car frame down the course as fast as possible. Eddie zoomed down the course and finished 1st at 14.06 seconds! The best part? He gave the crowd a huge wave and smile after he crossed the finish line with ease and confidence!

The Stone Off finished Day 2’s qualifiers and was a showdown for the sights. With 6 stones weighing 308 to 440 pounds, each contestant went head to head lifting the massive stones over each post and if completed, would then rep the last stone for the highest reps. Eddie Williams faced contender Luke Stoltman and unfortunately lost some tackiness and finished with 3 solid reps while Luke was able to finish the 4th rep. Nevertheless, Williams and Eddie both held great sportsmanship after this very close tie.

Our Singing Strongman finished in 12th place overall and is a reserve for the final if there are any withdrawals or injuries! Despite not making it into the Top 10, Eddie’s progress was one for the books. He’s come an extremely long way throughout the past few years and many spectators and fans have highlighted his performance at the 2024 WSM. The coolest part? Eddie had some supportive fans wearing his One Trip Wonder shirt!

We couldn't be more proud of Eddie! His incredible wife Hannah Williams kept him focused and in good spirits throughout the entire competition as his 3 beautiful kids supported him from back home in Australia. Curious to see what Eddie is up to next? Follow him here! The 2024 World’s Strongest Man finals will resume this weekend Saturday May 4th - Sunday May 5th. Stay tuned for updates with World’s Strongest Man here!

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